What started out as a potential other wiki for my classes, has a different use now. It is now my class. In other words, of all the wisdom I see on the Internet, think about, and learn through my online class or my educator network, I need somewhere to put it. Lets face it: I am a note scribbler who carries papers with snippets on them. I tried writing down these snippets on a word document but I am not always on that computer. A wiki seems like the perfect solution. Easy to organize and easy to access from any computer.

I am average but seeking to be more than that. I have lots of questions and continually search for answers. I will not accept to be the status quo. If I am doing what everyone else is doing, am I a fraud? Rambling ...I know. But we bust students for not being original - am I as guilty? After professing that memorizing is not the best way to learn anything, it seems that is all I really bring out in my students. Time to bring my practices in line with my beliefs.