Another great resource wiki can be found here and here. Link to Gates workshop wiki.

Using journler for class collaboration:

Links: Web 2.0 resources list Best of 2007 educator sites
Gmail tips and tricks Toolbox
Classroom Instruction that works

Program information:

To compress iMovie:
  1. Go to file and then export.
  2. In the dropdown, choose web (not iweb).
  3. Click share.
  4. Save as…where: save to desktop.

For power point:

  1. Set your timings for each slide.
  2. Go to file – make movie.
  3. Save as where: to the desktop.

How to get a temporary email to set up for web 2.0 apps

Mac shortcuts
apple, shift, and 4 will take a screenshot

So many tools - what do you do?: Decide what it is that you want and then decide your mission and the tool that works. Common idea is the place that the students can own for their learning. - create a class account and a password to send feeds to students

Twitter is creating your ideal faculty lounge.

Pownce - - can send files, backchannels, have conversations

Just take a little time a day for professional development

How to do specific search:

What needs to happen is to do a domain specific search. Searching only
sites that end in ".tr" (or Turkey). Go to and enter "host:tr pope speech" as his search
term. That narrowed the results to just Turkey. That was the best way
to get Turkey's reaction -- find out what they are saying in Turkey only.